Artists 2018

2018 Artists – Bath Art Fair

Daren Dearden (Bath and Leicestershire)

Stand 1

A range of quirky contemporary paintings.

Cuba Chapman (Somerset)

Stand 1

14 year old Cuba specializes in quirky photomontage as part of her Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award

Alce Harfield (Somerset)

Stand 1

‘Colour to Lift the Soul’

Dawn Reader (Somerset)

Stand 8

Inspired by light, I unashamedly paint beauty and aim to capture a sense of majestic freedom together with stillness and tranquillity.

Lynn Keddie (Wiltshire)

Stand 16

Lynn is a contemporary landscape artist.Her work has been shortlisted by the RWA in 2014/15/16 and by the Society of Marine Artists.

Karl Hamilton-Cox (Hereford)

Stand 18

Realist artist from Hereford. Highly detailed wildlife and figurative art created using a variety of media including acrylic on leather.

Fraser Renton (West Sussex)

Stand 19

Linear-geometric abstracts delivering capacities to create fascination, evoke deep thought through beauty, engaging emotion and distilling mood for viewers.


Hans Borgonjon (Somerset)

Stand 20

Hans Borgonjon has transformed 3-400 year old oak into sculpture for inside and out. He enhances centuries old oak with metal, gold-leaf, glass, porcelain and bronze and is the co-curator at Black Swan gallery.

Geoff Beckett (Cheshire)

Stand 27

Landscapes that play with imagination

Caroline Walsh-Waring

Caroline Walsh-Waring (Somerset)

stand 34

Caroline is qualified in textiles and later studied fine art in London and France. Her studio is in Frome

Dr Martin Raskovsky (Somerset)

Stand 36

An eclectic artist with an incomparable and complex aesthetic touch . His journey and passion for photography was born very early.

Andrew Cottrell

Andrew Cottrell (Wiltshire)

Stand 38

Wiltshire based artist and illustrator painting in acrylic.Inspired by light, texture and recent travels as well as work of N.C , Andrew Wyeth and Anthony Green RA

Meghana Sengupta

Meghana Sengupta (Birmingham)

Stand 39

Meghanna is an Indian artist whose work explores her true inner life. She adopts an intensive creative process in the interpretation of her deepest thoughts, hidden emotions and strongest desires, producing imagery which manifests a synergy of her childhood absorption of Indian art traditions and Western art imagery.

Teresa Zerafa Byrne

Teresa Zerafa Byrne (London)

Stand 40

London based artist. My paintings are inspired by memories and are abstracted emotional responses using vibrant colour.

Anna Smith (Bristol)

Stand 41

Inspired by water, Ann’s paintings capture the transitory moments above and below the surface.

Maaikie Pope Zurcher

Maaike Pope Zurcher (Dorset)

Stand 42

Maaikie expresses her daily observations in her tumultuous life in vibrant colours.

Myrtle Pizzey

Stand 47

Living in an area of outstanding natural beauty, I draw in the landscape and translate the images into relief prints

Andy walker (Brighton)

Stand 49

Original digital art, comprising photorealism, botanical studies and Op-Art abstracts. ‘Flooding the world, one triangle at a time

Dutch- Engels (Somerset)

Stand 50

Everyday wonders’ Bringing life to the overlooked and forgotten

Sandra Callowhill

Sandra Callowhill

Stand 51

Specialising in colour, texture and pattern, I craft individually designed art glass pieces. Wall panels and table top pieces are also available.

David Cowden (Birmingham)

Stand 53

Self taught in Belfast, living in Birmingham, influenced by the resilience of the human spirit within the modern landscape.

Max Oliver (Somerset)

Stand 54

Working in oils his self-taught paintings focus on the wild space of  Southwest England in a contemporary representational style.

Elizabeth Jardine (Devon)

Stand 55

Sublime, semi-abstract woodland paintings drawn from periods of immersion in the landscape.

Stand Rod Bowman

Rod Bowman (Bristol)

Stand 56

Rod paints deep in the forest where he can feel and use positive energy from trees to create a unique ethereal atmosphere.

Tess Armitage

Tess Armitage (Somerset)

Stand 57

Evocative landscapes of wild open spaces. These places are insensibly exhilarating, yet equally humbling and it is this, that Tess hopes to capture in her work.


Sophie Galliers (Bristol)

Stand 58

I paint with acrylics and oils creating abstract and semi-abstract landscapes. These are inspired by the rural beauty of Britain and the patterns and marks within the natural world.

Richard Evans (Worcestershire)

Stand 59

Renowned for his iconic album cover designs, Richard creates fascinating and intriguing imagery.

Shelley Faye Lazar

Shelley Faye Lazar (Worcestershire)

Stand 60

Inspirational use of colour for hand painted silks and wools as scarves and shawls.

Diane Haddon –Moore

Diane Haddon–Moore (Hampshire)

Stand 61

A colourist, Diane’s love of bright dramatic contrasting hues finds vivid expression in her work, creating striking beautiful paintings..