Artists 2019

2019 Artists – Bath Art Fair


Nik Burns (Shropshire)

Stand 1

Using Steel, Wood and mixed media, Nik Burns creates sculptural pieces for the home and garden.


Simon Probyn (Herefordshire)

Stand 1

Simon makes industrial steel sculpture. Showing his work at the RHS with show gardens at Chelsea, Hampton court and Chatsworth.


Anna Smith (Bristol)

Stand 2

Inspired by water, Anna’s paintings capture the transitory moments above and below the surface.


Pathway to Wellness exhibits

Stand 3


Pathway to Wellness

Stand 4

Pre-loved donated art sale with all proceeds going to our charity ‘Pathway to Wellness’


Alce Harfield (Somerset)

Stand 5

‘Colour to lift the Soul’ Original acrylic canvases full of joy!


Deborah Hook (Nottinghamshire)

Stand 7

Deborah’s glass is all hand carved using traditional techniques, every piece is unique. Inspiration is taken from the natural world.


Louise Luton (Wiltshire)

Stand 8

Louise creates oil paintings inspired by nature. She combines naturalism with expressive colour to create something beautiful, quirky and a joy to look at.


Brian Smith (Wiltshire)

Stand 9

A professional artist for 40 years specialising in watercolour and acrylic his inspirations are ‘people and architecture’ and has written for ‘International Artist’ and ‘Art of Watercolour’.


Dawn Reader (Somerset)

Stand 10

Somerset painter of land and sea. Exhibits normally in London with work published in House and Garden, Vogue etc…


Lita Narayan (Lancashire)

Stand 11

“Original paintings in oil and acrylic. Inspired by Light”

patricia samanta

Patricia Samanta (Wiltshire)

Stand 12

British Australian artist in Wiltshire-Oil on linen portrait commissions of children and floral works.

Dee Walker (Cheshire)

Dee Walker (Cheshire)

Stand 13

Abstract gestural painter. Shortlisted M.S.Amlin prize, exhibited National Open Art, Oxo Tower, Bargehouse and R.W.I. Mall Galleries, London.


Leyla Salm (Sweden)

Stand 14

Leyla Salm is a Dutch designer, living in Sweden who is active in fine art and applied arts with a little inspiration from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco era.


James Starr (Devon)

Stand 15

Jim’s work spans painting, illustration and print making .He has exhibited in London, Paris, New York, Chicago, Palm Beach, Venice, Rome, Singapore and Tokyo and his work can be found in private collections worldwide.


Grace Ellen (Surrey)

Stand 16

Contemporary landscape paintings in acrylic, ink and oil.


Complimentary Wrap

Stand 17

Have you purchase wrapped for FREE using 100% recyclable wrapping paper and tapes.


Fraser Renton (West Sussex)

Stand 18

Linear-geometric abstracts delivering capacities to create fascination, evoke deep thought through beauty, engaging emotion and distilling mood.

Steve Yeates figurative sculpture

Steve Yeates (London)

Stand 19

Steve Yeates has the reputation for being the UK’s leading recycled contemporary sculptor in particular his vandalised bus shelter glass figures

Diane Haddon-Moore

Diane Haddon-Moore (Hampshire)

Stand 20

A colourist, Diane’s love of bright, dramatic contrasting hues finds vivid expression in her work creating striking, vibrant and beautiful paintings.


Karen Thomas (Devon)

Stand 21

Vibrant paintings filled with energy. Inspired by light, movement and seeking to evoke a sense of wonder in nature.


Carole Ann Ingram (Wiltshire)

Stand 22

Carol’s passion is watercolour and is inspired particularly by people and nature. Her paintings are exciting, spontaneous and sometimes surprising.

Amanda Horavth (Derbyshire)

Amanda Horvath (Derbyshire)

Stand 23

An Independent contemporary artist with a unique approach to painting, producing vibrant, colourful and highly textured paintings.


James Wynne (Bath)

Stand 24

My artistic aim is simple-to illuminate through exquisite shape and form. The true and individual beauty of the timber, in every hand finished piece.


Anna Boss (Bristol)

Stand 25

Brooding landscapes from Bristol and beyond.


Penny Leaver Green (Bristol)

Stand 25

Penny makes contemporary pictures and artworks from fabric and thread.


Elaine Almond (Kent)

Stand 26

Abstract painter who uses acrylics and oils to express challenging emotions and life experiences in colourful pictures.


Gillian Harkness (Bristol)

Stand 27

An essence of nature. A mystical, moving and thought provoking journey through uniquely sculpted enamels and individually designed handmade jewellery.


Ian Fifield (Somerset)

Stand 28

Self-taught artist who paints in oil on canvas. Painting a range of subjects including landscape, city views and animals.

Sharon Obrien

Sharon Obrien (Somerset)

Stand 28

Contemporary artist inspired by the natural world, using collage from nature in both landscape and abstract.

Peter French (Wiltshire)

Peter French (Wiltshire)

Stand 29

Peter French has exhibited at the RWS and the Mall Galleries. Subjects include architecture and townscapes in watercolour and oil.

Angelis Melkis (Hampshire)

Angelis Melkis (Hampshire)

Stand 30

My Paintings are an intimate reflection of how nature makes me feel. Beautifully bold, but with a sense of tranquillity.


Lisa Saint (Hampshire)

Stand 31

An award winning equine fine art photographer, specialising in fine art storytelling images of horses.


Susan Macarthur (Bristol)

Stand 32

Images based on the human form, using acrylic paint, paper, fabric and gold thread.

Simon  Christie

Simon Christie (Bath)

Stand 33

Art is my life, these pictures represent my connection to the city I love.


Gennadiy Ivanov (Norwich)

Stand 34



Cathy Judge (Somerset)

Stand 35

Simplification of the form. Emphasising the tactile and curvaceous, following its rhythms patterns and lines. Resin and Bronze to order.


Silversides Glass (Bath)

Stand 36

A husband and wife team, drawing on features, textures and colours of the places we love.


Karen Hollis (West Sussex)

Stand 37

Karen works in both oils and acrylics to capture the beauty and luxuriousness of flowers.


Lynn Bailey (Devon)

Stand 38

Printmaker inspired by Devon wildlife, plants and ecology-using traditional and innovative techniques. Member of the Devon Guild of Craftsmen.

Jocelyn Horsfall

Jocelyn Horsfall (London)

Stand 39

Painterly and impressionistic photographic images inspired by nature, with distinctions from the Royal Photographic Society and International Garden Photographer of the Year.

Max Oliver (Somerset)

Max Oliver (Somerset)

Stand 40

Award winning contemporary landscape oil painter whose work focuses on the South West of England.

Jessie Woodward

Jessie Woodward (Bristol)

Stand 41

Jessie is an abstract artist, experimenting with fluorescent paints, glitter and drawing materials to explore the vibrancy of colour and texture.


Sarah Hill (Shropshire)

Stand 42

Evocative landscapes and seascapes created in fused glass, inspired by the Welsh borders and coastline.


Michelle Lucking (Bristol)

Stand 43

Award winning pastel artist specialising in painting atmospheric and beautiful seascapes and underwater swimmers


Gill Cox (Gloucestershire)

Stand 45

Gill is a practising artists based in her Cotswold studio.

A Heart of Glass

A Heart of Glass (Norwich)

Stand 46

Our unique three-dimensional art glass pieces add a touch of colour, design and personality to your home.


Yulia Lisle (West Midlands)

Stand 47

I love the process of working with oil paints, their viscosity, richness, dynamic colours and the connection process of colours with the palette knife movement.


Maryanne Hawes (Chepstow)

Stand 48

Expressive abstract artist, imagining landscapes moulded by thoughts, beliefs and experiences, which often reflect the seen (or felt) environment.


Sandra Callowhill Glass(Penhow)

Stand 49

Specialising in colour, texture and pattern, I craft individually designed art glass pieces. A wide variety of wall panels and table top pieces are available.


Lynn Keddie (Somerset)

Stand 50

Lynn is a contemporary oil painter of landscapes. Her gestural, expressive style captures the essence of a place, a mood, a season.


Andy Walker (Brighton)

Stand 51

Andy Walker is a professional digital artist who creates landscapes comprising intricate mosaics of hand drawn triangles, inspired by his own photography.


Rachel Anderson (London)

Stand 52

Rachel’s London Blossom Collection is inspired by the flowers and seasonal changes on her cycle to work.

Nicky Chubb (Surrey)

Nicky Chubb (Surrey)

Stand 53

Essentially optimistic paintings and life drawings using elaborate layers of mixed media.


Janette Phillips (Cumbria)

Stand 54

Based in Cumbria, my work takes it’s cues from the natural world; landscape, flowers and joyous colour inspire my expressive painting.

Melanie Cormack-Hicks

Melanie Cormack-Hicks (Gloucestershire)

Stand 55

My transition from art teacher to artist in September has been one of self-discovery. Solo exhibitions, Chapel Arts, The Other Art Fair exhibitor and artists in residence at WWT.


Julie Forster (Bristol)

Stand 56

To capture my life’s journey and put it on paper for others to enjoy makes my life even more complete!

Gail Mason (Bristol)

Gail Mason (Bristol)

Stand 57

Award- winning unique exuberant gestural paintings of semi abstract landscapes. Deeply atmospheric and spacious, the colour is of prime importance.


Sarah Dalton (County Durham)

Stand 58

I create fine art ceramics pieces of delicate simplicity- inspired by my wild Pennine surrounding and my time living in China.


Jill Bagnall (Shropshire)

Stand 59

Unique contemporary glass. Striking, bold, abstract, often melding art with fuction-because we should have both use and beauty! Naturally inspired.

Caroline Bennett

Caroline Bennett (Shropshire)

Stand 59

Shropshire based sculptor and ceramicist in a variety of mediums creating figurative and abstract sculptural pieces and functional ware.

Jackie Spurrier (Somerset)

Jackie Spurrier (Somerset)

Stand 60

I have been painting charismatic cow portraits in acrylic on canvas for 15 years and they still make me smile!


Myrtle Pizzey SGFA (Somerset)

Stand 61

Trained as a painter and working from direct observation, I create linocuts and hand watercolour some of them to add depth and vibrancy.


Tess Armitage (Somerset)

Stand 62

Drawn to wild open spaces Tess paints evocative landscapes, capturing the drama and expanse of the West Country and Scotland.


Jenny Cowderoy (Bath)

Stand 63

Jenny creates mainly semi-abstract, oil paintings inspired by the land and sea. She lives and works in Bath.

Ruth Wheeler (Surrey)

Ruth Wheeler (Surrey)

Stand 64

Surrey based artist who creates coastal landscapes and nature inspired wall art and sculpture from wood and natural materials using pyrography and mixed media techniques.


Rod Bowman (Bristol)

Stand 65

Connecting spiritually with the forest, Rod paints the energy and emotion he feels resulting in a unique ethereal atmosphere.


Sian Hughes (Surrey)

Stand 66

Sian Hughes draws wildlife in Indian ink. Rather than using a brush, she favours the sharpened wood of old paintbrushes.

Andrew Cottrell (Wiltshire)

Andrew Cottrell (Wiltshire)

Stand 67

Artist and illustrator Andrew studied painting and Illustration at Falmouth School of Art. Andrew works in acrylics his studio is in Westbury, Wiltshire.

Annabel Menheneott

Annabel Menheneott (Bath)

Stand 68

Annabel is a contemporary artist who produces dramatic seascapes, with bold, dynamic painterly marks. Exhibited internationally, and at the Royal Academy as part of the Summer Exhibition preview events where she will return July 2019.


Jo West (Devon)

Stand 69

Jo West is a professional mixed media artist- a creative combination of huge talent, enthusiasm, insight and dedication.


Caroline Walsh-Waring (Somerset)

Stand 70

Caroline brings quirky, surreal images welcoming you into a world of possibilities, believe it or not inspired by the landscapes.


Agnes Pollock (Somerset)

Stand 71

Agnes is a Dutch artist who lives near Bath. She paints in oil. Her still life and abstracts are contemporary, contemplative and serene, with a focus on light.

Alison Vickery

Alison Vickery (Gloucestershire)

Stand 72

Cotswold artist inspired by the beautiful natural world. Light and colour dominate work in a range of media. Sell Worldwide.


Jody Craddock(Worcestershire)

Stand 73

Jody’s style is a subtle blend of classical statues with a contemporary urban addition of street and body art in oils.


Sophie Galliers (Bristol)

Stand 74

A Bristol based mixed media painter who creates abstracts and semi-abstract landscapes, portraits and biological imagery.

Christopher Townsend

Christopher Townsend (Oxfordshire)

Stand 75

I am inspired by the ancient Wychwood forest. I make metal tree sculptures that will last forever including Family trees, special occasion, memorial and fund raising trees.


Ramona Belcher (Somerset)

Stand 76

Conversations with trees. Landscapes into abstraction. Paintings and print.


Galerie Makowski (Berlin)

Stand 77

The gallery’s focus is on international contemporary art from the fields of painting, graphics, photography, sculpture, jewellery and design.
Gallery Makowski places special emphasis on the presentation of Georgian artists.


Teresa Rogers (Wiltshire)

Stand 79

Artist working in all mediums to produce contemporary and colourful work. Varied subject matter.


Alan James McLeod (West Sussex)

Stand 80

Highly textural, multi-layered and hand painted papers, collaged into semi-abstract work, that gives the viewer room to add their own interpretation.


Tess Gartland-Jones (East Sussex)

Stand 81

Remote environments where the forms and elements and sculpted and transformed by nature is the essence of what I hope to encapsulate in the viewers mind.


Judith Glover ( Hampshire)

Stand 82

Oil and acrylic paintings showing a delight in mark-making and the shimmering effect of colour and light.


Sarah Morley (Cheshire)

Stand 83

Sarah Morley paints expressive landscapes and abstract which have vibrant colour and texture in oil and mixed media. Affordable statement pieces.