Artists 2022

2022 Artists – Bath Art Fair

Simon Probyn

Simon Probyn (Malvern)

Stand 1

Sculptor using industrial steel

Nick Burns

Nick Burns (Shropshire)

Stand 1

Simon and Nik create statement sculpture for the home and garden, Simon using industrial Steel and Nik with mixed media.

Nicola Slattery RBA

Nicola Slattery RBA (Norfolk)

Stand 2 new artist 2

Member of the Royal Society of British Artists. Her work has won awards and is in contemporary art collections worldwide.

Ben baker

Ben baker (Cornwall)

Stand 3 new artist 2

Ben baker is a wire artist/automata maker. Until recently he built boats in Cornwall. That experience is now inspiration.

Large Artworks

Large Artworks (Wendover)

Stand 4 new artist 2

Laaaarge canvases! Big canvases for big spaces.

ED Elliott.jpg

ED Elliott (Worcestershire)

Stand 5

Award winning Artist / Sculptor specialising in original wood and bronze. Limited edition figurative and abstract work, collected internationally and exhibited nationwide.

Elena Keenan

Elena Keenan (Bristol)

Stand 6

Lyena Keenan born in Russia, but live last 22 years in the UK. She completed BADrawing and Print and MA Multidisciplinary Printmaking at UWE. Her main medium in the last 4 years is biro pen and printmaking, especially etching.

Dr Martin Raskovsky.jpg

Dr Martín Raskovsky (Cornwall)

Stand 7

Outstanding innovation to photographic-art; refined vision transforming photography into post-impressionistic masterpieces.

Kim Whitby.jpg

Kim Whitby (Worcestershire)

Stand 8

Award winning plein air artist, showing her unique works on paper in ink. Kim will also show watercolours and oils.

Claire Henley

Claire Henley (Stratford Upon Avon)

Stand 9

One-time illustrator but now fine artist, Claire exhibits in several galleries and has been widely published. She paints whatever inspires her.

Dawn Reader

Dawn Reader (Somerset)

Stand 10

Original oil paintings embracing wild, light, peace and freedom. Exhibits nationally. Articles in Vogue, Times, Telegraph, House and Garden etc.

Fiona Pearce

Fiona Pearce (Hampshire)

Stand 11 new artist 2

Fiona Pearce uses acrylic in thick layers, moving the paint around the canvas with a credit card to depict her love of landscapes.

Lyndsey Vowell

Lyndsey Vowell (Cornwall)

Stand 12 new artist 2

Atmospheric seascapes inspired by the Cornish coast

Sheena Symes

Sheena Symes (Wiltshire)

Stand 13 new artist 2

Abstract artist working with acrylics and moulding paste to create vibrant canvases.

David Lawrence

David Lawrence (Bath)

Stand 14

My work is rooted in the English Idiom: in its landscape, customs, traditions and eccentricities.


Tipperleyhill (London)

Stand 15 new artist 2

Two artist Abi and Roz painting florals and landscapes together in joyful colour

Grace Ellen

Grace Ellen (London)

Stand 16

Immersive landscape paintings.

Alce Harfield

Complimentary Wrapping Service and Alce Harfield (Organiser)

Stand 17

Colour to Lift the Soul. Alce Harfield Artist and Organiser of the Bath Art Fair

Erica Sturla

Erica Sturla (West Sussex)

Stand 18 new artist 2

Erica works in polymer clay and acrylics to create lively and colourful scenes with three – dimensional figures on painted backgrounds.

Jess Hughes Bath

Jess Hughes (Bath)

Stand 19 new artist 2

Contemporary mackerel wall sculpture artworks, each one unique. Available individually, as shoals or mounted onto panels.

Diane Haddon Moore MA

Diane Haddon-Moore MA (Hampshire)

Stand 20

Using a contemporary approach Diane transforms everyday subjects, scenes and landscapes into striking, vibrant and beautiful paintings.

Cat Randall

Cat Randall (Dorset)

Stand 21 new artist 2

Cat Randall is an Oil painter, specializing in creating realistic pieces that explore both portraiture and the natural world.

Nick Marsh

Nick Marsh (Staffordshire)

Stand 22 new artist 2

I have been working with clay for 40 years, I make Vessels and Sculptures with textures and flame painted surfaces

Nancy Chambers

Nancy Chambers (Bristol)

Stand 24

Calm, contemporary still lifes and landscapes with a refined elegance. Response to Nancy’s work has been exceptional, with collectors worldwide.

Alex Kennedy

Alex Kennedy (Wiltshire)

Stand 25 new artist 2

Lockdown reflections on some of my favourite photographic images from living in the south west over the past twenty-five years.

Dawn Conn

Dawn Conn (Oxfordshire)

Stand 27 new artist 2

An award winning international sculptor drawing on her love of figurative expression, that captures the emotion and essence of life.

Jamie Ampleford

Jamie Ampleford (West Sussex)

Stand 28 new artist 2

Jamie is a professional artist currently based in the South of England. He specialises in Oil paintings and graphite drawings with a focus on portraiture.

Lily Glover

Lily Glover (Buckinghamshire)

Stand 29 new artist 2

Photographic fine art inspired by the natural world and our relationship with nature exploring space, form, time and impermanence

Jim Woodman

Jim Woodman (Teddington)

Stand 30

Jim Woodman’s work is noted for its use of strong, vibrant colours that imbue stark landscapes with warmth and intensity.

Bron Jones

Bron Jones (Carmarthen)

Stand 31

Welsh artist Bron, creates expressive, intuitive abstract landscapes, that evoke the sense of wildness of the landscapes of Wales.

David Brightmore

David Brightmore (Flintshire)

Stand 32 new artist 2

My work reflects the energy and figurative rhythms of my environment together with a response to our pandemic circumstances.

Deborah Waters

Deborah Waters

Stand 33 new artist 2

Deborah works in pen & alcohol ink. Her trademark sparkle is meticulously applied using high grade glass colour matched rhinestones.

Philip Martin

Philip Martin (London)

Stand 34 new artist 2

I like to paint pictures that feel like captured frames from a film. Snapshots of bigger stories. Little moments in time.

Eleanor Mcknight

Eleanor Mcknight (Surrey)

Stand 35

I love to create atmospheric paintings using colour to create mood. Inspired by the ocean and sea in the Turks and Caicos islands, the countryside of the British isles, my vision is to bring a sense of calm to each space.

Maria Brookes

Maria Brookes (Wiltshire)

Stand 36 new artist 2

I’m a self-taught artist experimenting with Fluid Acrylics and mediums to produce a unique style of organic abstract art.

Kate Cochrane

Kate Cochrane (Somerset)

Stand 37 new artist 2

Kate’s colourist paintings of trees, rocks, and castle ruins, are a rich layered tapestry of expressive joy and vitality.

Martin Harman

Martin Harman (Bristol)

Stand 38

I am a British artist based in the UK.
I create original, one-off, dreamlike abstract ceramic sculpture.

Wen Hsi Harman

Wen-Hsi Harman (Bristol)

Stand 38

Wen-Hsi Harman (1984- ) is a Taiwanese/British ceramic artist, based in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Louise Angus

Louise Angus (Berkshire)

Stand 39 new artist 2

I’m Louise from LillyPea Designs, a watercolourist, finding inspiration from nature and the elements that surround me.

Karen Burling

Karen Burling  (Hampshire)

Stand 40 new artist 2

Karen is a Wildlife artist inspired by the beauty of the natural world. Using vibrant acrylics to create her eye catching works.

Jocelyn Horsfal

Jocelyn Horsfal (London)

Stand 41

Award winning photographic artist, specialising in painterly and impressionistic images of flowers, foliage and the natural world

Susie Cornwall

Susie Cornwall (Gloucestershire)

Stand 42 new artist 2

My work celebrates the trinkets and curios I have collected along the way then arranged into intimate still life compositions

Samantha Buckley

Samantha Buckley (Clevedon)

Stand 42 new artist 2

Samantha Buckley is a painter and designer specialising in Indian miniature painting.

Miranda Day

Miranda Day (Devon)

Stand 43 new artist 2

Miranda Day’s work is often described as ‘joyful’. She loves creating characters, blending words and images to create uplifting art.

Christopher Sanderson Jones

Christopher Sanderson-Jones (Wiltshire)

Stand 44 new artist 2

Christopher, an architect and emerging artist, draws and paints expressive landscapes that draw from the locale’s sense of place.

Andy Walker

Andy Walker (Gloucestershire)

Stand 45

Andy’s artwork, available in Limited Editions, is created from thousands of hand-drawn triangles using an iPad as a virtual canvas.

Martin Turner

Martin Turner (Bristol)

Stand 46

Self-taught pencil artist specialising in hyper realism. Shortlisted for RBW, RWA and SWaC.

A Heart of Glass

A Heart of Glass (Norwich)

Stand 47

Mobile & online gallery specialising in contemporary art glass. Bringing you a diverse and unique range from across the world.

Valerie Nerva

Valerie Nerva (Hampshire)

Stand 48 new artist 2

Valerie is a colourful, expressionist oil painter who seeks to capture the spirit and magic of place.

Adam Clutterbuck

Adam Clutterbuck (Somerset)

Stand 49 new artist 2

Adam Clutterbuck produces limited edition black and white landscape and seascape photography with an uncluttered minimalist aesthetic.

Stephen Clutterbuck

Stephen Clutterbuck (Cornwall)

Stand 49 new artist 2

Stephen Clutterbuck has an intuitive understanding of tension and flow in his strong organic bronze sculptures of the human form.

Zaza Lewis Derby

Zaza Lewis (Derby)

Stand 50

Zaza is a 3 time award-winning artist who has chosen scalpels, scissors and vibrant fabrics to create bold and contemporary pieces.

sarah boden higher res

Sarah Boden (Bristol)

Stand 51 new artist 2

British artist Sarah Boden creates dynamic colourful abstract landscapes which explore narratives gained from living overseas in Asia, Australia and Europe.

Caroline Walsh Waring

Caroline Walsh-Waring (Somerset)

Stand 52

Modern surrealism, provoking an emotional response fired by the landscape and the human condition. Subtly challenging, always unique.

Sarah Dalton

Sarah Dalton (County Durham)

Stand 53

I create Fine Art Ceramics – inspired by a hybrid of my wild Pennine moorland surroundings and my time spent living in the Far East.

Michael Claxton

Michael Claxton (Sheffield)

Stand 54

Atmospheric seascape paintings inspired by the British coastline. Rich, textured paintings creating a sense of calm.

Georgina Peters

Georgina Peters (Somerset)

Stand 55 new artist 2

Georgina Peters, is a colourful abstract artist based in Somerset. George’s paintings are known to bring happiness and colour into peoples homes.

Catherine Kennedy

Catherine Kennedy (Devon)

Stand 56 new artist 2

Wave and seascape painter based in Teignmouth, Devon. Art Ambassador for English Riviera UNESCO Global Geopark. Plymouth Fine Art Graduate.

Rob Bowman

Rod Bowman (Bristol)

Stand 57

The frames I create to compliment my art help me tell a timeless story of our spiritual connection within nature.

Gail Mason

Gail Mason (Bristol)

Stand 58

Award-winning unique exuberant gestural paintings of semi abstracted landscapes. Deeply atmospheric and spacious, Full of beautiful colour and movement.

Sarah Heppner

Sarah Heppner (Worcestershire)

Stand 59

I use still life to create imaginative compositions where I aim to achieve a high level of beauty and presence.

Emma Rose

Emma Rose (Bath)

Stand 60

Winner of Best Creative Business in Bath, Emma specialises in semi-abstract paintings created with Indian + French Inks with acrylics.

Hazel Mountford

Hazel Mountford (Bristol)

Stand 61 new artist 2

Hazel is an award-winning wildlife artist. International exhibiting, her paintings are highly detailed and capture a quiet sense of beauty.

Feona Ness

Feona Ness (Bath)

Stand 62 new artist 2

Feona Ness is a professional artist based in Bath, her paintings experiment with landscape, colour and abstraction.

Daniel Morley

Daniel Morley (Bath)

Stand 63 new artist 2

Using realism and scale to explore our emotional connection to the world.

Helen Elliot

Helen Elliot (West Wales)

Stand 64

Contemporary colourists, mother & daughter based in West Wales.
“When colour is right, form is right. Colour is everything” ― Marc Chagall

Chloe Elliott Schmid

Chloe Elliott-Schmid (West Wales)

Stand 64 new artist 2

Contemporary colourists, mother & daughter based in West Wales.
“When colour is right, form is right. Colour is everything” ― Marc Chagall

Andi Theokle

Andi Theokle (Wiltshire)

Stand 65 new artist 2

My love for the beauty that surrounds us in the world, inspires me to translate what I see into ART.

Alison Gilbert

Alison Gilbert (Somerset)

Stand 66 new artist 2

Alison J Gilbert is a contemporary artist creating bold and vibrant and abstract work. Inspired by colour, pattern and texture.

Shelly Perkins

Shelly Perkins (Worcestershire)

Stand 68 new artist 2

Shelly’s wildlife prints aim to convey the beauty and fragility of nature, from the landscapes and nature of the UK and beyond.

Louise Bourgourd

Louise Bourgourd (Devon)

Stand 69 new artist 2

A painter of seascapes and landscapes. She is inspired by man-made structures and how the ravages of time and nature have an impact.

Agnes Pollock

Agnes Pollock (Bath)

Stand 70

Dutch artist known for her Kintsugi still life. Contemporary and contemplative oil paintings with a focus on light and stillness.

Alan James McLeod 1

Alan James McLeod (Sussex)

Stand 71

Hand painted papers, depicting worn and weathered surfaces, collaged together to create mainly abstract compositions that invite the viewers own interpretation.

Emelia Chubb

Emilia Chubb (Surrey)

Stand 72

Emilia is a recent graduate artist, working in acrylic, she paints vibrant city scenes by nosing into cafe windows and visiting local markets.

Nicky Chubb

Nicky Chubb (Surrey)

Stand 73

Joyful trees, nudes and flowers in mixed media

Jody Craddock

Jody Craddock (Worcestershire)

Stand 74

Jody’s work is a perfect blend of classical oil painting that is brought to life with an urban twist.

Paul Guthrie

Paul Guthrie (East Sussex)

Stand 75

My intention is to create vibrant, original art to lighten the space we live in.

Lynne Woods

Lynne Woods (Gloucestershire)

Stand 76 new artist 2

An intuitive contemporary artist taking inspiration from nature. My work explores colour and texture using acrylic based media.

Susannah Crook

Susannah Crook (Somerset)

Stand 77 new artist 2

Susannah’s paintings are inspired by the south west coastline, created using natural earth pigments.

Heather Philp Oxford

Heather Philp (Oxford)

Stand 78 new artist 2

I am an Impressionist palette knife oil painter. Australian born but relocated recently to connect with family, paint and study.

Miranda Pender

Miranda Pender (Dorset)

Stand 79 new artist 2

Acrylic paintings and mixed media collages, often with a strong symbolic element and inspired by the natural world.

Mark Pender

Mark Pender (Dorset)

Stand 80 new artist 2

Oil paintings inspired by fantasy, fairy tale, folklore, history and legend (and other stuff), often with a darkly humorous twist.

Benedict Homer

Benedict Homer ( Shropshire )

Stand 81

My sculpture is influenced by living in Shropshire

Emma Wharton Love

Emma Wharton Love (Bath)

Stand 82 new artist 2

Contemporary abstract and expressive paintings in oil and acrylic inspired by the landscapes around us.

Joanna Beckly

Joanna Beckly (Bath)

Stand 83 new artist 2

Joanna is a printmaker using the natural environment as inspiration for monoprint and dry point etching.

Penelope Timmis Shrewsbury

Penelope Timmis (Shrewsbury)

Stand 84 new artist 2

I am an Impressionist palette knife oil painter. Australian born but relocated recently to connect with family, paint and study.

Geoff Beckett 1

Geoff Beckett (Cheshire)

Stand 85

Bold and bright landscapes and light-hearted animal paintings

Sophie Green

Sophie Green (Cheshire)

Stand 85 new artist 2

Illustrator from Worcestershire that loves to paint anthropomorphic animals and whimsical illustrations.

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