Artists 2023

2023 Artists – Bath Art Fair

Christine McKenzie stand 1

Christine McKenzie (Bath)

Stand 1A new artist 2

My love to travel has inspired me to paint using acrylics which reflect the vibrancy, sunlight, foliage, sea and sky.

Rose Paba Jones stand 1B

Rosie Paba-Jones (West Sussex)

Stand 1B new artist 2

Rose is an award-winning artist exhibiting in the UK & internationally. She carves beautiful, everlasting stone sculpture embodying the Sacred Feminine.

Fee Dickson Reid stand 2 1

Fee Dickson Reid (North Berwick)

Stand 2 new artist 2

Fee Dickson Reid is a Scottish contemporary artist who creates large atmospheric seascapes in oils

LauraDunmow syand 3

Laura Dunmow (Worcestershire)

Stand 3 new artist 2

Laura’s visionary and atmospheric oil paintings evoke the essence of her travels,- explored by imagination.


Heather Miller (Herefordshire)

Stand 3 new artist 2

Inspired by a love of nature, Heather works chiefly in acrylics, mindfully exploring colour and light in her paintings

Geoff Beckett stand 4

Geoff Beckett (Cheshire)

Stand 4

Quirky acrylic & resin landscapes


Sophie Green (Cheshire)

Stand 4

Children’s book illustrator featuring watercolour anthropomorphic animals in whimsical scenes.

IMG 1765 1

Ben Baker (Cornwall)

Stand 5

Ben baker is a wire artist/automata maker.

Until recently he built boats in Cornwall. That experience is now inspiration.

Will Clarke stand6

Will Clarke (Surrey)

Stand 6 new artist 2

Hand-drawn, hand-printed architectural etchings and screen prints by Will Clarke.

Ellie Birdstand 7

Ellie Bird (London)

Stand 7 new artist 2

Ellie Bird has exhibited around the Uk. She is mainly known for her underwater themed acrylic paintings.

Dawn Reader stand 8

Dawn Reader (Somerset)

Stand 8

Oil painter of land and sea, highlighting light, peace and freedom. Exhibits internationally. Featured in Vogue, FT and H&G etc

Portscatho Favourites

Claire Henley (Warickshire)

Stand 9

One-time illustrator, now fine artist, Claire exhibits in several galleries and has been widely published. She paints whatever inspires her.

Zaza Lewis 1

Zaza Lewis (Derby)

Stand 10

Zaza Lewis creates her detailed illustrations using only scalpels, scissors and textiles #nopaint

Jane Evans070822

Jane Evans (Anglesey)

Stand 11 new artist 2

Jane works using the Gyotaku method of printing. Ink is applied to a specimen and paper is laid over the surface to take an imprint.

IMG 0223

Natalie Bedford (Bath)

Stand 12 new artist 2

Joyful work with a skilled foundation executed with a dynamic and energetic line. Fun, Floral, Female.

Clinton Banbury stand 13

Clinton Banbury (Warwickshire)

Stand 13 new artist 2

Contemporary watercolours that combine fluid, precise brush line work with clear flat washes of colour based on the natural world.

Leyla SalmIMG stand 14

Leyla Salm (Sweden)

Stand 14

Leyla Salm is a Dutch designer, living in Sweden, who is active in fine and applied arts with a little inspiration from the Art Nouveau and Art Deco era.

Unfortunately this artist was turned around at the border to the UK so she won’t be with us.(confusion over correct paperwork needed due to Brexit)

She has a wonderful website and ships internationally so please take a look and support her.

Erica Ankers

Erica Ankers (Plymouth)

Stand 14 new artist 2

Using vibrant colours, textural marks and strong compositions to create semi abstract landscapes sparking a deep connection with the viewer.

IMG 2010

Abi Tippetts and Roz Berkeley-Hill (London)

Stand 15

Abi Tippetts and Roz Berkeley-Hill, create florals and landscapes together. Both are passionate about colour’s uplifting power.

Grace Ellen

Grace Ellen (London)

Stand 16

Immersive landscape paintings, where the realistic meets the romanticised.

me stand 17

Alce Harfield (Somerset, Organiser)

Stand 17

‘Colour to Lift the Soul’

Erica Sturla A Light Lunch

Erica Sturla (West Sussex)

Stand 18

Erica works in polymer clay and acrylics to create lively and colourful scenes with three – dimensional figures.

Fleur Cowgill

Fleur Cowgill (West Sussex)

Stand 19 new artist 2

I love looking

I love colour

I love painting in oils all that I see using my all favourite colours

Mark Wilson

Mark Wilson (West Sussex)

Stand 19 new artist 2

Working to create a sense of what might be felt and heard as well as seen.

Koi Bow Front

Lisa Badger (Angus)

Stand 20 new artist 2

Lyrical, whimsical and watery depth in fused glass artwork by Lisa Badger, 2D or set in wrought iron furniture frames.

Cat Randall stand 21

Cat Randall (Bournemouth)

Stand 21

Cat Randall is a Realism Painter, using Oil paints to capture the sensual beauty of nature and the human form.

NicholasMarsh1 2

Nicholas Marsh (Staffordshire)

Stand 22

I have been working with clay for 40 years, I make Vessels and Sculptures with textures and flame painted surfaces

Nancy Chambers stand 23 edited 1

Nancy Chambers (Bristol)

Stand 23

Still-life, landscape and abstract paintings with a pared-back style and contemporary elegance.

Susan Birth susan birth stand24

Susan Birth (Worcestershire)

Stand 24 new artist 2

Susan creates semi-abstract landscapes derived from real places and imagined scenes drawing the viewer into a different, dreamlike world.

Kerry Shearer

Kerry Shearer (Lincolnshire)

Stand 25 new artist 2

Kerry captures beautiful countryside, seaside towns and coastal landscapes, in a unique, playful naive style that is all her own.

Fiona Stevens

Fiona Stevens (Somerset)

Stand 25 new artist 2

Fiona Stevens is a self-taught artist living in Somerset, painting dogs – and anything else that catches her interest.


Lily Glover (Buckinghamshire)

Stand 26

Photographic fine art inspired by our natural world exploring space, form, time and impermanence.

Sarah Boden stand 27

Sarah Boden (Bristol)

Stand 27

Sarah is an emerging Bristol artist who creates dynamic contemporary landscapes which bring joy and celebrate our natural world.


Bron Jones (Carmarthenshire)

Stand 28

Emerging Welsh artist: working intuitively to capture feelings of wilderness and bring the spontaneity of nature into her landscape paintings.

Linda Edwards stand 29

Linda Edwards

Stand 29 new artist 2

Brilliant paintings in jewel-like colours and pure gold leaf, tell the stories of paradise gardens and conjure a secret world.

Jane Wilson stand 30

Jane Wilson (Cornwall)

Stand 30 new artist 2

An award winning mixed media artist, living in Cornwall and drawing inspiration from the South West’s coast and landscape

KW Bennett St IMG 7410

Kim Whitby (Worcestershire)

Stand 31

Kim Whitby (BEd MA) Works on paper in ink or colour or scale, of structures and settings including beautiful Bath.

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Eleanor McKnight (Surrey)

Stand 32

Working and living between the UK and The Turks and Caicos islands I love to create abstracts and semi abstract textured seascapes.

Cat Croxford stand 33

Cat Croxford (Buckinghamshire)

Stand 33

Cat paints landscapes with expressive brushstrokes, capturing dramatic seasonal light and colour, evoking memories and stories of the woods.

Serena Pugh Fire and Ice

Serena Pugh (Wiltshire)

Stand 34 new artist 2

Serena is an expressive artist utilising bold strokes, colourful mark-making and textural knife work over a variety of subjects.

Steve Hall

Steve Hall (Wiltshire)

Stand 34 new artist 2

Renowned, published artist and teacher specialising in vibrant mark-making in pastels, watercolour and acrylic. Co-owner of Bradford Gallery, BoA, Wiltshire.

hydrangea s cornwall

Susie Cornwall (Gloucestershire)

Stand 35

I enjoy painting small intimate still life compositions’. Susie paints little treasures and flowers she finds in her Cotswold garden.

HazelMountford Stand36

Hazel Mountford (Bristol)

Stand 36

Hazel is an award-winning wildlife artist. International exhibiting, her paintings are highly detailed creating wonder, connections and respect for nature.

Louise Angus

Louise Angus (Berkshire)

Stand 37

Hi I’m Louise, artist and creative designer. Specialising in Watercolours, pushing colour boundaries, creating vibrant artworks.


Valerie Nerva (Hampshire)

Stand 38

Valerie’s colourful, expressionist oil paintings seek to capture the spirit, the emotional connection and the magic of forest and landscape.

Nicola Currie

Nicola Currie (Worcestershire)

Stand 39 new artist 2

Nicola Currie is a still life/botanical oil painter. She combines the traditional techniques of realism painting with contemporary designs.

Sophie Penstone stand 40

Sophie Penstone (Cornwall)

Stand 40 new artist 2

A Cornish watercolourist inspired by hedgerows, light, changing seasons and objects in a state of decay.

Aluminium Transparent 1

Emma Wharton Love (Bath)

Stand 41

Emma Wharton Love creates design-led artworks that intrigue and evoke a multi-sense response from the viewer.

Westonbirt Arboretum 2

Andy Walker (Gloucestershire)

Stand 42

Award-winning Andy Walker’s photorealistic landscapes comprise thousands of hand-drawn coloured triangles that appear wildly abstract upon closer inspection.

Michael Cole stand 43A

Michael Cole (West Sussex)

Stand 43A new artist 2

Oil painter of atmospheric landscapes and seascapes, inspired by the effects of light.

Lin Cheung stand 43B

Lin Cheung (Derbyshire)

Stand 43B new artist 2

Lin’s inspiration is the archaeology of place and experience. She is interested in stimulating imagination and curiosity in her viewer.

A Heart of Glass

A Heart of Glass (Norwich)

Stand 44

Mobile & online gallery selling beautiful and unique designer glassware to personalise your home or office space

Caroline Lowe stand 45

Caroline Lowe (Derbyshire)

Stand 45 new artist 2

Through her expressive abstract paintings, Caroline attempts to create autobiographical and emotional visual connections through the process of paint.

andi theokle stand 46

Andi Theokle (Wiltshire)

Stand 46

I am fine artist who is inspired by the sea, sky and human form in my ink on canvas paintings.

Ewa Page 1 3

Ewa Page (Kent)

Stand 47

My work is influenced by aspects of nature and imagination, I absolutely love working outside in my garden. It connects me with nature and produces the end result of my piece.

Ann Palmer

Ann Palmer  (Kent)

Stand 48 new artist 2

Bright textured seascape oil paintings inspired by immersion in colour, movement and landscape on the coasts of Kent and Cornwall

Jules Wood

Jules Wild  (Gloucestershire)

Stand 49 new artist 2

Mixed media artist combining a love of bold colour, punchy florals and street art/graffiti references.

Sarah Dalton stand 50

Sarah Dalton (County Durham)

Stand 50

Fine Art Ceramics – inspired by a hybrid of my wild Pennine moorland surroundings & my time spent living in the Far East

JanetteRalph 1

Janette Ralph (Kent)

Stand 51 new artist 2

Her graphic design career is intrinsically woven into her painting style. Flattening elements, representing its contents through pattern, texture, feeling and colour.

Wendy Golding

Wendy Golding (Gloucestershire)

Stand 52 new artist 2

As a contemporary artist I emotively interpret the world, using intuitive marks and lines to illustrate movement, light, and texture”.

beverly perry stand 52

Beverley Perry (Gloucestershire)

Stand 52 new artist 2

A Cotswold artist who likes to capture the mood and atmosphere of her surroundings, using vibrant colours, textures and light.

helen elliott stand 53

Helen Elliott (Carmarthenshire)

Stand 53

Wales based artist-educator with Golden paints and author. Solo exhibitions include Museum of Modern Art, Wales and the Museum of Naif Art, Paris.

Maggie Schmid stand 54

Maggie Schmid (Carmarthenshire)

Stand 54 new artist 2

I am a fused glass artist living in West Wales. Glass is unpredictable. That is where the magic happens.

gail mason stand 55

Gail Mason (North Somerset)

Stand 55

Award-winning artist takes colour for a dance rather than a ‘line for a walk’. Intuitive, painterly, fictive landscapes.

Martin Turner stand 56

Martin Turner (Bristol)

Stand 56

Local artist Martin Turner specialises in hyperrealist pencil drawings that have to be seen to be believed.

Sarah Heppner

Sarah Heppner (Worcestershire)

Stand 57A

I use still life to create imaginative compositions where I aim to achieve a high level of beauty and presence.

Marion Deacon stand 57b

Marion Deacon (Surrey)

Stand 57B new artist 2

Marion creates ethereal tree inspired paintings that immerse you in the light and shade of woodlands allowing you to pause, to be calm and to be enveloped by the joyful colour of our natural world.

Jamie Ampleford stand 58

Jamie Ampleford (Exeter)

Stand 58

Evocative oil paintings capturing the drama and beauty of the wild open spaces of the West Country.Jamie is a Devon based artist specialising in oil painting. His work focuses on portraiture, landscape and still life.


Studio Kavachi (West Midlands)

Stand 59 new artist 2

Vibrant, joyful & uplifting contemporary art on canvas, in impasto style by Swati Sinha.

Tess Armitage stand 60

Tess Armitage (Somerset)

Stand 60

Evocative oil paintings capturing the drama and beauty of the wild open spaces of the West Country.

Dan Holden

Dan Holden (Worcestershire)

Stand 61 new artist 2

Dan has a unique style, using the physicality of his materials to convey positive emotional energy through layered abstracted artworks.

IMG 0622

Diane Haddon-Moore (Hampshire)

Stand 62

Using a contemporary approach Diane transforms scenes and landscapes into original stunning paintings filled with bright vibrant colours.

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Agnes Pollock (Bath)

Stand 63

Agnes is a Dutch artist who paints contemporary and contemplative still life in oil.


Shelly Perkins (Worcestershire)

Stand 64

Shelly’s wildlife prints aim to convey the beauty and fragility of nature, from the landscapes and nature of the UK and beyond

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Paul Browne (Lancashire)

Stand 65

I am driven by composition, mood & story-telling.

Magnolia stand 66

Magnolia Restrepo Correa (Leeds)

Stand 66 new artist 2

Magnolia delights in giving life to each piece by fusing and transforming metals and strives to use ethically sourced materials

Jocelyn HorsfallHorsfall stand 67

Jocelyn Horsfall (London)

Stand 67

Award winning photographic artist, specialising in painterly and impressionistic images of flowers, foliage and the natural world.

Walk with Me

Louise Bougourd (Devon)

Stand 68

I create abstracted landscapes, inspiration is drawn from both the landscape and the inner landscape of the human condition.

Pete Bryden

Pete Bryden (Monmouthshire)

Stand 69 new artist 2

Pete’s creative paintings vary from totally non-representational abstract to semi-abstract imaginary landscapes inspired by the stunning Wye Valley

Ali Woodgate

Ali Woodgate (Dorset)

Stand 70

A contemporary painter of flowers and local scenes in acrylic on canvas, sometimes bright and colourful but also muted shades.

Bee on lilac Acrylic painting by Paula Jobson

Paula Jobson (Herefordshire)

Stand 70 new artist 2

Paula lives in Hereford. She works in acrylics and is fascinated by everyday life experiences and the energy of things

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Sarah Heather (Cambridgeshire)

Stand 70 new artist 2

Resisting the desire to be perfect, accepting that my brushstrokes show my unique style, and enjoying the messy artistic process.

Astrig Akseralian

Astrig Akseralian (Cambridgeshire)

Stand 71A new artist 2

Astrig paints in a playful, contemporary, narrative style, depicting her love of flora and fauna.

Emma Catherine Debs

Emma Catherine Debs (Bristol)

Stand 71B new artist 2

Contemporary Artist Emma Catherine works intuitively using layers of oil and gold leaf focussing on the tranquillity of nature.

blousey Flowers border

Hemali Modha (Bristol)

Stand 72 new artist 2

Beautiful, evocative paintings exploring the natural world. by award-winning British Asian, Hemali Modha.

Gloria Mortensen

Gloria Mortensen (Bath)

Stand 73 new artist 2

Gloria explores the evocative correspondence between her roots and design of the past

Estevan mortensen stand 73

Estevan Mortensen Endara (Bath)

Stand 73 new artist 2

Understanding how the plants are transformed in space with all its complexity, simplicity, abstraction and reality become present.

Gosia Karski 1

Gosia Karski (Bath)

Stand 74 new artist 2

Surrealist artist who creates paintings in which reality merges with emotions and dreams.

Generations 1

Katherine Stainton (Dorset)

Stand 75 new artist 2

Katherine focuses her attention on capturing the effortless nature of animal groups, and their ability to survive as one.


Mark Pender (Dorset)

Stand 76

Bath born and Dorset based, I specialise in whimsical or fantastical narrative oil paintings. Commissions including illustration and murals considered.

Miranda Pender Hengistbury Head

Miranda Pender (Dorset)

Stand 77

Miranda’s landscapes are quirky and colourful, playing with curve and contour to express the essence of her favourite places.

Afternoon Things Are Quiet by Patrick Wilkins

Patrick Wilkins (Suffolk)

Stand 78 new artist 2

I draw Edward Hopper influenced realist pictures, often of places I’ve visited in the US, also places around the UK.

Sara Bentley stand79

Sara Bentley (Vale of Glamorgan)

Stand 79 new artist 2

Sara is an abstract artist living in Wales, whose work is inspired by the beauty, texture of the surrounding landscape

Helen Brown stand 80

Helen Brown (Derbyshire)

Stand 80 new artist 2

British contemporary artist. I paint landscapes, seascapes and atmospheric skies in oils.

Jenny Chan stand 81

Jenny Chan (Warwickshire)

Stand 81 new artist 2

Jenny creates unique ceramic figurative sculptures and mixed media wall pieces.


Peter Blakesley (Derbyshire)

Stand 82 new artist 2

Award winning Devon Artist, reflecting the beauty of the sea and landscape in the South West