Paul Dunkerley

paul dunkery stand 77

Award-winning sculptor showcased internationally, including the Venice Biennale. Founder of Cheshire Sculpture Workshop, recognized by Luxembourg Art Prize & BBC.

Lyena Keenan

Lyena Keenan stand 76

Mainly my practice is drawing and printmaking. Lately I use biro pen for drawing

Tricia Crowther

Tricia Crowther stand 65

Contemporary abstracts from an award winning artist using a refined palette and minimal aesthetic.

Fee Dickson-Reid

Fee Dickson Reid stand 21

Fee Dickson Reid is a Scottish seascape painter producing oils filled with light and atmosphere

Rebecca Moss Guyver

Rebecca Moss guyver stand 85

Egg tempera painter of colourful, patterned still life stories & pastel landscapes on book pages

Erica Ankers

Erica Ankers stand 84

A contemporary pastel artist creating semi abstract, vibrant, textural landscape paintings.