Rebecca Moss Guyver

Rebecca Moss guyver stand 85

Egg tempera painter of colourful, patterned still life stories & pastel landscapes on book pages

Erica Ankers

Erica Ankers stand 84

A contemporary pastel artist creating semi abstract, vibrant, textural landscape paintings.

Raquel Blazquez

Raquel Blazquez stand 83

Figurative artist exploring consciousness, emotions, trauma & community through colourful portraits

Eve Marshall

Eve Marshall stand 82

I am an artisan felter. I play with textures and colours to create depth and intrigue.

Denise Lauchlan

Denise Lauchlan stand 81

Inspired by the beauty of our planet, I use resin and mixed media to create highly reflective art.

Susannah Crook

Susannah Crook stand 80

Susannah is a landscape artist using earth pigments to create evocations of the South West coastline

Jo Sharpe

Jo Sharpe stand 79

My paintings show my love of painting, colour, creating surface pattern texture and the countryside.

Gosia Karsi

Gosia Karski stand 78

Surrealist artist who creates paintings in which reality merges with emotions and dreams.