Exhibitor Testimonials

Bloody brilliant fair!

…parking was a doddle and very close by…. Well run, well attended, very nice central location, well promoted, well-advertised, well sign posted. Will definitely do it again next year!
Michelle Lucking

Thank you

for all the wonderful organisation, publicity, preparation and hard work, and for being unfailingly cheerful, helpful and empathetic over the 3 days. I did fill in my feedback form, I realise I completely forgot to say how wonderful your helpers were! Friendly, helpful and supportive – a unique and very welcome feature of your fairs.
Jocelyn Horsfall

Such a fantastic weekend

I just wanted to say thank you again for such a fantastic weekend, it was full of joy and laughter. I sold loads of my small ones and those big framed prints and some of the smaller prints as well. So all in all pretty good. 
But what I really wanted to tell you was how great the organisation was this year. The unloading on Wednesday night was a real help and from what I can gather from the people that did it on Thursday, it was still slick. Your helpers were superb. People offering to fetch me a coffee because I was setting up on my own, helping me take stuff to the store room and pack up all my stiffy bags for the packing room.
 Throughout the weekend every morning I was greeted with a smile or hello. At some point in every day someone in a green jumper said to me I love your work one day I’m going to have an original!
Louise Luton

Great show

I wanted to say thank you for everything you do.  And your team. My first time in Bath, it was a particularly great show I thought.
Gill Cox

Exceptional organising

I would just like to say thank you for all your hard work and exceptional organising and marketing skills – for keeping us all in the loop and your final ‘set up’ email was spot on. It has made the preparation for my first Art Fair relatively easy (apart from all that creative hard work!).
Sarah Hill

Great job

As always Alce a great job, lovely venue and it worked well for me
Andrew Cottrell

Alce’s lovely helpful team

I was worried there might be issues with parking & unloading with it being a city centre venue etc, but it was actually the easiest unload I have ever done at any event- literally park outside the door and a short flat journey to the stand, with plenty of trolleys and helpers if needed.
We were even brought tea & coffee by Alce’s lovely helpful team.
The stands were lovely, quality of work was fab – I heard a few separate visitors over the course of the fair comparing it very favourably with The Other Art Fair in Bristol.
Nicky Chubb

Another wonderful BAF

Fantastic organisation. Great improved location. Foot fall was good on Saturday. Good sales. Will continue to support this event
Rod Bowman

Steady footfall of visitors

There as Andy BC Walker’s glamorous assistant, we really enjoyed the BAF. The new venue was very good, well laid out, sensibly spaced aisles and nice feel to it. Special thanks to Alce and her hardworking and friendly team. We were impressed by the PV and steady footfall of visitors .Sales were great and it seemed many others found the same. The wrapping station had some very busy moments. It seemed the punters were informed, appreciative and out to buy; Bath has that kind of crowd. Access was relatively easy considering it was in the city right by the leisure centre and rugby ground with a home game. We’d definitely love to do this again if invited next year.
Bear Cliff

Loved it

Found the option of early unloading the night before for locals a great idea as alleviated a lot of stress at the beginning. Wonderful organisation in a fabulous venue. The well-heeled of Bath turned up with cash in their pockets. The helpers were amazingly helpful throughout the show and were upbeat (have done shows where the organisers and helpers dodge anyone with even a question before now!) Really great to meet up with old art fair friends and meet new ones. I personally sold well and would definitely do it again – Alce Harfield – please do it again!!!
Dawn Reader

Comments from our customers

Really Enjoyed

We really enjoyed our visit last year & looking forward to going again.
2019 Customer

Superbly talented

Superbly talented artists well worth visiting
2019 Customer

Great Art Show

Great Art Show. Artists very friendly and informative about their work. Looking forward to the next one
2019 Customer

Even better

Even better than last year’s….spent too much again!
2019 Customer