Bath Art Fair reviews

What our customers say…..

Fabulous work

Thank you so much for organising this year’s fantastic Bath Art Fair. I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed meeting and talking with so many great artists, and discovering their fabulous work. A few beautiful pieces made it home with me and there could easily have been so many more.


Thank you for the invite. It was magic. We will be back.


Just to say I thought the Fair was excellent this year and I came away with yet more artwork for my walls!
Thanks to you and your team for putting on such a lovely show.

Excellent fair

Excellent fair, best one yet with a very good mix of artists, have bought something every time, thank you for organising it.
David Yeo

The best yet!

Congratulations on an excellent Bath Art Fair! The best yet, I think.
Such a wide and interesting range of exhibitors and of such skill and originality.
Thank you for the invitation.
Brigid Gunn

Excellent art fair

Excellent art fair. Please keep me on your mailing list … although I don’t know if I can afford the shopping bill again!!
Lisa Wilkes

We loved the fair

Thank you for the tickets. We loved the fair! Thought the range of artistic styles was wide and the quality very high.  My sister even went twice to take different friends.
Well done for great organisation.
Sally Roche

Surprised and delighted

I just wanted to say how very much we enjoyed the Bath event.

I visited with my daughter and granddaughter with no idea what to expect. We were all surprised and delighted by all the beautiful things on display.

My granddaughter Evie (almost 6) was so inspired she did little sketches of all the things she particularly liked. We will definitely put it on the calendar for next year. Thank you for all the hard work organising it and all those who contributed to it.
Elizabeth Carey

What our artists say…..

Sale Within 5 minutes

I had my best Bath Art fair yet at just shy of £2,000 plus a commission – the icing on the cake being the sale 5 minutes after the doors were opened on the Friday. I was in shock!
Returning artist

Generous atmosphere

Thank you so much for a brilliant fair! I really appreciated all your hard work and attention to detail that made it work so well. The visitors were all lovely and friendly and so interested in the art and processes. You certainly created a generous atmosphere with super energy that made it a great place to be.
New Artist

Fabulous Fair

I thoroughly enjoyed my first ever Bath Art Fair. Thanks so much to you and your lovely team for organising such a fabulous fair. I will definitely be applying again.
New Artist

Second to none

As always, the welcome and the support was second to none, and any anxieties I had were soon put to rest by you and your team. I am so very grateful to all of you. I don’t know what it is about your art fair, but there is such a lovely ‘feel’ about it once the place is full of artists, art and visitors. I love being a part of it.
Returning Artist

Cover everything

It’s hard to say how you can improve tbh, think you cover just about everything!
Eleanor McKnight
Returning artist

Significant money

I wanted to start by thanking you and your team on an enjoyable weekend. Being my first fair I didn’t know what to expect and luckily for me it paid off and made some significant money.
Ben Baker
Returning artist

Brilliant job

 Thank you so much for all the hard work that you have done in creating and managing the fair, you do a really brilliant job.
Gail Mason
Returning artist

Advertisement & social media work

Thank you for a very well run show with fabulous amount of people and as an uptick in money being spent.

Your advertisement locally was really very good with lots of customers chatting to me and the AA  signs were fab.
All your social media work was really amazing I have done shows when it’s hardly anything
You should be patting yourself on the back!
Ben Homer
Returning artist

Great experience

I had a great experience – it was my first fair ever – I hope to do it again next year
Jess Hughes
Returning artist

Great weekend!

Just to say thank you for such a great weekend and all your hard work which was amazing. Social media and advertising, signage – all brilliant.
Sarah Boden
Returning artist

Weekend was successful

I just wanted to send my personal thanks to you for a very well organised show over the weekend.

I had a good amount of sales yesterday, some were mailing list customers but some were new to me too so all in all the weekend was successful for me.

It was very well organised, had a nice vibe, good standard of work and the whole event looked very professional.
Shelley Perkins
Returning artist